How long has it circulated around that Tupac had a child, several people that were close to him hinted at it and one well know rapper made mention of it in their album credit thank you’s….”Bussa Bus.” At any rate some of us know of this child to be portrayed as a girl but in fact it is a male. Tupac has a son who is called “Starr” but that is a nickname, it is not his biological name. It was just one more of those things to throw you off again. Even in the “White Book-by Makevelli” it talks about Starr but never mentions the sex of the child, and we all know that, that book is written by Tupac. You were supposed to be alluded to thinking that, the same way you were supposed to think that Tupac died in September of 96′. It was all for the child’s protection and rightfully so. Continue reading “The Picture Tupac Never Wanted To Be Seen”