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Tupac Was In The Scarface “Smile” Video & Here’s Why.


Tupac fans, I am sure you remember rapper Scarface video “Smile” if not check it out. The problem with this is that when the video was released in January 1997 the song came out in August of 1996 as a tribute to Tupac. Everyone was convinced it was Tupac that was hanging up on the makeshift cross and that the alive theory was true. When everyone was freaking out about it and inquiring about if it was Tupac or not, the Scarface team denied it and said that they had used a double for Tupacs part. The problem with all of that however was Tupac’s teeth pattern.  Continue reading “Tupac Was In The Scarface “Smile” Video & Here’s Why.”


Tupac Sent Strong Clues In His Last Movie “Gridlock’d”

Tupac Cuba- Gridlockd

I’ll keep this brief, but if you saw Tupac’s last movie Gridlock’d and didn’t notice the clues he left behind, here are just a few for you to take a look at. For one there were a flurry of number 7’s through out the movie, strategically placed. When they were in the social services office, the line letter sequence was C B A  as opposed to how it would be typically done in the order of A B C.  So add a U in the middle of the C & B in the sequence and what do you get?  Continue reading “Tupac Sent Strong Clues In His Last Movie “Gridlock’d””

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