UPDATE- May 17, 2018: Has anyone heard anything from Kasinova Tha Don or KPrince as he is now called? I believe he has a few songs on YouTube. He has some Tupac undertones but his pronunciation of his words are more his own and not so Tupac-ish (Yes I made that word up). You can definitely hear the difference. I can’t figure out if he wants to be signed to a label or not. He’s definitely very talented and someone would be crazy not to snatch him up and market him but the question remains, does he want to remain underground/unsigned or has there been too much damage done to his persona?

Back in 2009 a man stated that he was hired to be a close protection officer in California for an unknown artist and 4 days into the job, the undisclosed artist received a visitor via heli-pad. He said that some of his colleagues took perfect photos and then later on were asked to erase any photos from their phones and then they were relieved from their duties. This man stated that he was convinced it was Tupac that came to see the unknown artist. Continue reading “Kasinova Tha Don”