Cathy Scott Was Paid to Write Book on Tupac…

Was she? Of course she was! Either that or she was completely duped as well. None of what she says makes any sense, none of it!!!! Think about it, where did she get all of this shit? If any of it was accurate, no one was arrested as we know and not to mention we are still appalled at the fact that there was never a deeper investigation on how she got the supposed autopsy photo of Tupac “deceased” in the first place. Cathy Scott was never interviewed by the police….interesting. Continue reading “Cathy Scott Was Paid to Write Book on Tupac…”


Kasinova Tha Don

Back in 2009 a man stated that he was hired to be a close protection officer in California for an unknown artist and 4 days into the job, the undisclosed artist received a visitor via heli-pad. He said that some of his colleagues took perfect photos and then later on were asked to erase any photos from their phones and then they were relieved from their duties. This man stated that he was convinced it was Tupac that came to see the unknown artist. Continue reading “Kasinova Tha Don”

Was It Bulletproof?

I strongly believe that it was and I’ll explain why. Wake up people! I mean I know this was the desired effect to have this whole thing be believable at the time but come on, it’s been almost 20 years and I can’t take anymore theories, I just can’t. To those of you who know Tupac and what I mean by know is knowing how he thinks and can relate to his thinking. Do you honestly think that if he went out on that fateful night without his bulletproof vest on that he always wore, do you really think he wouldn’t have something else bulletproof?? Continue reading “Was It Bulletproof?”

Who Is Sonny Thomas?

Does anyone remember Suge Knight stating multiple times that he paid a man 3 million dollars to perform a cremation? It is funny to me that these book writers that wrote about the murder of Tupac, or the killing of Tupac are completely full of shit. Not one of them is reliable and I wouldn’t use their book pages to even wipe my ass with let alone read it… Continue reading “Who Is Sonny Thomas?”

The Tupac Code?

During my research I found an interesting piece of documentation that explains why the LVMP didn’t respond the way they were supposed to after the “shooting” of Tupac Shakur and why there was no high speed chases no helicopter summoned to give chase…would you like to know what I found?

Continue reading “The Tupac Code?”

The U.S. Death Registry

This will be short sweet and to the point because most of you Tupac realists out there already know. The U.S. Death registry doesn’t lie at least I don’t think it does. So for shits and giggles I did a death index search on Tupac Amaru Shakur, Lesane Parish Crooks and Kurt D. Cobain. I Continue reading “The U.S. Death Registry”

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