I created this blog because like many of you I am sick and tired of hearing and reading the same shit over and over again. It’s nothing but regurgitated content from the same people or people who say they were involved in some way or people trying to make money off of Tupacs name and get attention without ever really doing any valid research, although some YouTube people get it pretty accurate but the rest is literally 90% garbage. I’m tired of the lies, the false allegations, repetitive blogs and articles, people writing books, you name it. It’s all been the same….nothing has changed, the information you read on Tupac is nothing you didn’t already know. What puzzles me is the fact that we have all these experts all these famed investigators and writers but no one bothered to really listen or look or do the research, they just caused a complete shit show as it was intended and they fell for it as planned, in reality it was supposed to happen this way.

This is what Tupac banked on and strategized. He knew how easy it was or would be to hoodwink the average human brain, he out of anyone knew how the media works and how they portray things and how the average person believes what they hear and see. That is the genius of him, he doesn’t think like the average person, and never has even from a young age. So all in all what really sparked all of this in me was a trip to the library when I was looking for a decent book to read and I happened upon the biographies section and the name Niccolo Machiavelli stood out like a sore thumb, The Prince to be exact (I know, I know you already no the story behind that). It was at that moment, I remembered the significance of that name and it dawned on me… “Tupac” my interest was piqued. I checked the book out and started to remember the surrounding events occurring with Tupac.

I became obsessed again with whole ideology that this man Tupac Amaru Shakur could have possibly planned “the perfect murder.” My conclusion has always been, and will always be that absolutely 100% yes and good!

With that being said, I need for you to really understand the deeper meaning of things and understanding them and then maybe you will be able to form your own opinion based on what I’ve written. I am not going to repeat what has already been written or said too much and if I do I will most likely explain it more reasonably than what you have read thus far. Because its been done now for YEARS and I can’t believe what I have read to date. Which gave me a clearer perspective on the whole thing and made it so crystal clear in MY mind and opinion that this brilliant human in fact had created a new life for himself. Let me just say, I am not mad at him either, why should we be? Fame, Fortune and the spotlight is not for everyone and even someone as young as Tupac was well beyond his years with knowledge and If anyone is going to do that… check out early and be left alone, it is their choice and decision to do so. I can’t imagine there wasn’t a good motive behind it. What I have always had a hard time figuring out is why were things made to be so suspicious to the public? Was this the intention and if so why? Why drive people crazy with the mystery and wondering, is it a money-making thing? I can see how it could be a great marketing tool but damn, that’s taking it to a whole other level, but Kudos.

So again let’s be clear on a few things, I am an opened minded thinker and I believe anything is possible and nothing is impossible unlike what most people believe, I do not believe everything I hear or see, I go off of truth and or plausible facts, I respect Tupac and his family and think he should be left alone if that is what he wants. Although I am not too sure now based on a few things we will get into later. So what I am going to attempt to do is give, at the very least my strong opinion on why I believe that Tupac is still on earth breathing in the fresh air that we breathe. Also let me say this as well, after you read this, lets put it to bed and let this man be where and how he wants or needs to be, which is secluded, away from the everyday ongoing of this screwed up world, because we will never truly know why he needed to do it and probably shouldn’t know either. Leave him alone!!! Regardless if he continues to make it suspicious, leave it alone after this because even after reading this you will still analyze and dissect words and continue to wonder if it’s true and people will always believe what they want to believe cause there are the realists and there are also the ones that rely on what they believe to be true facts from the media, but they don’t really check those facts, hunches and guesses on their own they let the media decide whats what. Then finally, there are the ones that don’t give a shit. I still to this day don’t think that people realize what this mans brain was like with the exception of his family and a lucky few of course, and what he is capable of doing or pulling off.

I know there will be those of you who won’t believe it regardless, but I honestly don’t care…I’m just sayin, I really don’t. If you are tired of reading about this you do not have to as I am sure that you saw the title before clicking on. This is merely me giving people a better explanation on all of the many Tupac conspiracy theories. This isn’t my idea of a conspiracy theory, just the facts as discovered.