Tupac fans, I am sure you remember rapper Scarface video “Smile” if not check it out. The problem with this is that when the video was released in January 1997 the song came out in August of 1996 as a tribute to Tupac. Everyone was convinced it was Tupac that was hanging up on the makeshift cross and that the alive theory was true. When everyone was freaking out about it and inquiring about if it was Tupac or not, the Scarface team denied it and said that they had used a double for Tupacs part. The problem with all of that however was Tupac’s teeth pattern. 

Also if anyone decides to comment something nonsensical and say, “He filmed it before he died.” Think about that for a second… it kinda won’t add up, based on the beginning of the video.

Tupac has a very unique set of crowded teeth on the right side of his mouth. Pay close attention here to what I am about to explain to you. In the video “Smile” Tupac’s face is only shown very lightly and they show him rapping on his parts. While doing this they do display his teeth BUT…. they were very careful and did a camera technique called mirror-effect which makes things on the opposite side of what they are normally. Good thinking on their part for argument sake, because people would argue with each other that Tupac’s teeth are messed up on the opposite side so it couldn’t be him. However take a look at the pics and judge for yourself, keep in mind some of these images are from the actual video so they aren’t super clear. So unless someone has this same exact teeth pattern as Tupac and looks just like him, it’s him.


The picture below is from the movie Gridlock’d look at the pattern of the teeth which are identical to the other images. If you watch the video you will see it even better. The first pic below is the correct side that Tupac has the crowded teeth on and again in the images from the video, they did a mirror-effect technique so they could argue that it was not him but we all know it is. 😉 I also show you the image below flipped so you could better see what I am referring to. What do you think?