Tupac Cuba- Gridlockd

I’ll keep this brief, but if you saw Tupac’s last movie Gridlock’d and didn’t notice the clues he left behind, here are just a few for you to take a look at. For one there were a flurry of number 7’s through out the movie, strategically placed. When they were in the social services office, the line letter sequence was C B A  as opposed to how it would be typically done in the order of A B C.  So add a U in the middle of the C & B in the sequence and what do you get? 

When they are in the small restaurant to get something to eat, they both look up at the menu and Tupac has a smile on his face this is where you will notice all of the upside down sevens, sevens in the place of L’s and then a random 7 in the corner. What you may have not noticed though is on the bottom of the menu it say’s “Have A Nice Day” except it is a clue to us that spells HAVANA. You know we were supposed to figure this all out right lol! Honestly I think the whole menu spells out something but I can’t focus long enough to even try. The only clue I could find in numbers where the prices were that made any sense, was 91395 + add a 1 and you could get the day he left, 9/13/96 and the time the said he died 4:03. It’s a stretch I know but remember Tupac was very numbers, clues and mysteries oriented. I mean think about it, even if you dispute all the clues, what would be the point of putting 7’s everywhere? He was trying to tell us something. Now of course the movie wasn’t released until 1997 perfect timing and to get people talking about it after seeing it. Genius!

After Stretch has been shot, the are in the ally and Tupac suggests that Stretch stabs him with his pocket knife so they can go to the emergency room and get treatment and be off the streets. During this time they are trying to figure out where he should stab him and at one point Tupac says, “I know my lungs are right here, and I definitely don’t want a punctured lung.”  We were told while he was “In the hospital” that he had a punctured right lung that ended up being removed allegedly. These things could mean nothing but I strongly doubt it.