Sorry to burst anyones bubble but I write about facts based on research. With that being said, there’s a little problem with the fake passport that someone photoshopped of Tupac Shakur, and then claiming it was in fact him. However true Tupac fans would know that Tupac wouldn’t be that careless…. come on now. Don’t fret my readers, I will give you some positive tidbits of information in my next few posts. 🙂 For now, Read The Proof!

Of course you know I am a firm believer that Tupac is still physically on this planet, but i also believe that tricking people for likes and views on your social media is a bit pathetic and you’re pushing it. It amazes me every time that people will still believe anything without checking it out on their own, even credible news blogs and the like. Welp… that’s what I am here for, to keep you informed as best I can. So here it goes, when I first heard about the “Cuban Passport” I was like, “Uhm I don’t think so.” Turns out I was right although whomever created the fake passport thought they did a good job, but for a trained graphic designer eye, not so much lets take a look at why.

I will show you the fake Tupac passport that everyone claims is his first, and then we will take a look at the original passport where the person that faked the passport got it from in the first place. I will highlight the fact points in red.


  1. 98% of all passport photographs no matter what country you are in typically require a completely white or off-white background to prevent shadows and to bring out the accurate highlights of your face so that there is no mistaking that it is you. There are far to many shadows behind this image and it looks like it was a picture from somewhere else against some random wall.
  2. When posing for a passport photo, you have to have your back facing the wall or backdrop. Notice how on this image, the person’s body posture is turned slightly. You can notice this more by looking at the tie.
  3. Can you imagine Tupac walking around looking like Tupac from 1996, nose ring and all?? Although the person who altered this tried to make Tupac look a bit older and or how he may look in his 40’s, It’s noticeable that it was altered.

Now let’s look at who this passport originally came from below………. :^/


This is the rightful owner of the passport, Israel Reinoso Valdes, a Cuban citizen. (Honestly though I can’t explain the blue background lol)

I’ll explain how the two are the same if you can’t already see it for yourself, minus a few tweaks. The only things that are different between the two passports is;

  1. The name Amaru is in place of Israel.
  2. The name is changed to Amaru in the place of Israel on the first coding line at the bottom.

How they are the same is;

  1. Passport Numbers are the same (Which is impossible!!! You can’t have the same passport number as someone else)
  2. Date of Issue is the same
  3. Date of expiry is the same
  4. Date of Birth is the same
  5. Place of issue is the same.
  6. The signature is the same signature.
  7. All numbers at the bottom of the passport are identical
  8. If you look very closely you can see the very tip of the thumb of the person holding the passport at the bottom. It is like this on both passports.
  9. The fibers and small debris randomly scattered on the document are in the exact same places.

I’m sure this man would not be happy about seeing any of this. However for further proof that this is the true owner of this passport. Here is the article where the passport image came from.

GOOD TRY THOUGH, ya fooled a lot of people.