Real True Tupac fans….They say the Tupac biopic will be released in June 16, 2017 on his 46th birthday and I forbid you to see this movie should it ever be released!!!! Just kidding, do what you want of course.

Please, please, please don’t believe the all the hype about how Afeni Shakur was thrilled about Tupac’s Biopic, it isn’t all true. Let me tell you why, and I will try and keep it short and to the point.

Unfortunately Afeni Shakur is unable to fight the fight any longer due to her passing but Tupac’s estate is still in good hands with Tom Whalley, with other members of Tupac’s family overseeing decisions. People, the fight over this biopic has been going on well since 2009…..  The reason it was taking so long though is that there was a huge dispute about this biopic between Afeni and Morgan Creek Films,. According to an article written in 2009 by The Hollywood reporter, James Robinson of Morgan Creek and “Others”tried to bully Afeni into the rights to the film and music of Tupac and then sued her for claiming she backed out of a done deal when in fact Morgan Creek was lying about owning the rights to the biopic the whole time and trying to force competing studios out of the picture with an alleged contract. Morgan Creek scared away Paramount, Fox and others by threatening to sue them for millions, when in fact they had no basis to.

Now I have heard time and time again up until even now that there has never been ill will against Afeni or this whole project and that there were never lawsuits. The fact is there was and there still are a few battles going on with the project to date, however, after some time and litigation, Afeni Shakur won her counter-suit against Morgan Creek. Morgan Creek was basically being deceitful and telling other production companies and studios that they owned the rights to the film, therefore ruining any other chances for Afeni of possibly shopping better deals for the film. Named in the complaint were none other than Morgan Creeks legal executive Don Hardinson and Morgan Creek consultant LT Hutton. So this film that was supposed to be all love in the making and sugary sweet had a lot of salt in the beginning and personally I will not watch the film based on the fact the Afeni was supposed to be the executive producer of the movie and now she will not be, and also because I feel the movie will be told false based on my theory on Tupacs death in the first place, and also because, John Singleton isn’t directing or watching it and I support that wholeheartedly. There are bigger motives to this film being made as John Singleton has stated before and It feels that it is only all about money now, It never really had a luster from the beginning. Then you have LT. Hutton stating that, “he would lay down in front of a mack truck before he lets someone else mess up this film.” Hmmmmm….. including suing the mother of the iconic rapper to get your hands on it.

Well after all, LT Hutton is from Death Row Records… so I’m sure he’ll get it done one way or another, by any means necessary, he has roots.