How long has it circulated around that Tupac had a child, several people that were close to him hinted at it and one well know rapper made mention of it in their album credit thank you’s….”Bussa Bus.” At any rate some of us know of this child to be portrayed as a girl but in fact it is a male. Tupac has a son who is called “Starr” but that is a nickname, it is not his biological name. It was just one more of those things to throw you off again. Even in the “White Book-by Makevelli” it talks about Starr but never mentions the sex of the child, and we all know that, that book is written by Tupac. You were supposed to be alluded to thinking that, the same way you were supposed to think that Tupac died in September of 96′. It was all for the child’s protection and rightfully so.

Anyhow, for a long time it was thought that this was just some random child, Ice Cube’s son or one of Tupac’s sister’s children however Tupac’s sister Sekyiwa Shakur is four years younger than Tupac and had no children at the time and Ice Cube’s children looked nothing like this little boy who looks exactly, the spitting image of Tupac. Ice’ Cube’s children have a lighter complexion as you can see below.

image3 image4

It was also thought that the little boy was holding Ice Cube’s hand when in fact the little one was holding Tupac’s hand as you will see below.

Tupac Real Son copy

This may not be a big deal to some and you may not put two and two together but just know that Tupacs son is alive and well and with him wherever he is and has been raised by him since about 9 or 10 I believe,  and has had his identity protected since birth even by his mother, he didn’t know Tupac was his father for quiet some time. That is why it makes me angry when these so called children of Tupacs comes out of the closet just because they resemble him and want a little bit of 15 minute fame. Any children that Tupac had would never reveal who they were. That’s just how real and tight knit that whole family is and their way of thinking and protecting each other is not like your average person or some of these kids that can’t think for themselves.

So it makes you sit and think about this and realize that how could his kid or kids keep quiet for so long, because now he is in his 20’s, they probably couldn’t or someone would have let the cat out of the bag by now unless they are with him. In the book by Makavelli titled “The White Book,” the prologue is written through Starr’s words. However, remember they say things to throw people off but most people believe everything, but if you know Tupac, I mean really know him, you know how to read between the lines and realize why he says and does the things he does. Nevertheless, I think what people continue to forget and again I’m sure Tupac wasn’t even thinking about the structure of the internet and how big it would be, no one did at that time because it was all new to a lot of us in the 90’s. Think about that. He probably never thought anyone would see this picture.