Yes people take a closer look at that post image, that is a rare find currently….(Clears Throat) of 44/45 year old Tupac Amaru Shakur. I’ve been sitting on this one for awhile until now.

I realize that I’ve been gone for a minute but I couldn’t keep quiet any longer with all this nonsense about this supposed “Tupac Selfie/Lookalike” image floating around the internet. Let me tell you why this image of the dude with the red bandana is not Tupac. Pay attention to a few things. We all know that a lot of media outlets want RATINGS people, so every now and then they get a hold of something, run with it, realize how much drama it will create and then put it up as fact just to create a buzz and get comments blah blah blah, it is all in good fun I suppose. I on the other hand take it a little bit more seriously and I try as hard as I can to do my homework and report real facts to Real Tupac Fans & Followers. 

tupac-selfie-is not Tupac

Now come on! How many times have you all seen Tupac lookalikes? It is common knowledge by now that Tupac’s unique looks are not really that unique any longer. I also know or would think everyone does realize that Mr. Shakur is now as we speak 45 years old…. I mean I know they say “Black Don’t Crack” but that’s pushing it a tiny bit considering Tupac was a major smoker too. I know he still looks great though, very distinguished. We can also agree to the following;

1.) Tupac is brilliant, do you really think he would be idiotic enough to walk around in his old school head gear, Bright Ass Red at that? Really… Only a person wanting attention would do this.

2.) We can agree that this person in this here photo has probably been told a million times that he looks like Tupac and so as any normal everyday human being, he goes with it, works it and wants the attention, hence walks around with a signature”Bright Ass Red” Tupac bandana that Tupac used to wear back in the 90’s. Right!

3.) We also agree that if Tupac is in hiding like some of us think, that this would be a dead giveaway correct and it would also mean that he wants to be discovered and questioned, like right now. Oh and by the way, he decides to take a selfie and somehow gives it to someone else to distribute to different media outlets…. Come on people get real here. Give Tupac a little more credit than that. Check it out;

Tupac Selfie-Is Not Tupac

Now that we have gotten that out of the way. Tupac is not in your traditional hiding like we think about and see on television, he’s not running around with wigs on. Tupac doesn’t give a fuck anymore, maybe in the beginning but not anymore. We think he is very well protected by the BLA and maybe a leader in some respect of the Liberation Movement and there is some type of compound that is very tightly formed and built. I wouldn’t say it was in Cuba either, it may have been true once before, but that’s just to throw everyone off now. With all of that being said, please take a look at this next picture and please tell me if you think this is more accurate. You will be hard pressed to find this image on the internet and I can guarantee you there is no other like it from back in the day. He is positioned perfectly so that a viewer could not read the entire t-shirt. This is what I love about Tupac, this is just the type of shit he likes to do, cause a mystery for years and years lol. Gotta love it. He always said he wanted to be a legend, and he’s doing a great job at it. He’s not wearing his nose ring/earring anymore either. As a graphic designer myself, I can tell you that if this is photoshopped, it is at a complete mastery level and that, that person is very fucking bored with life to go to the extent they did to create it if in fact that were the case. I do not believe it was photoshopped however.

Tupac Selfie-Tupac Immortal

Even though you can’t see his whole face, this would be a more accurate look for his age, due to the receding hair line, the fact he even has hair, the removal of his nose ring as a sign of maturity and growth, deeper sunken smokers cheeks. That shirt alone says enough. If that were fake, why not let us read the whole thing? Because it was an off guard image taken by someone else, whether he gave permission for the image to be taken or not, we will probably never know that.  So please don’t believe that Tupac would be so stupid as to take a selfie like the one in the red bandana, please lol. He’s not that person we remembered him as. He has a son that he has raised this entire time with him and is a role model to that son so don’t think he’s 90’s Tupac, that person died in Sept. 1996, he was reborn into something much bigger. Wouldn’t you have to be to pull off something like that? Think how Tupac thought.