UPDATE- May 17, 2018: Has anyone heard anything from Kasinova Tha Don or KPrince as he is now called? I believe he has a few songs on YouTube. He has some Tupac undertones but his pronunciation of his words are more his own and not so Tupac-ish (Yes I made that word up). You can definitely hear the difference. I can’t figure out if he wants to be signed to a label or not. He’s definitely very talented and someone would be crazy not to snatch him up and market him but the question remains, does he want to remain underground/unsigned or has there been too much damage done to his persona?

Back in 2009 a man stated that he was hired to be a close protection officer in California for an unknown artist and 4 days into the job, the undisclosed artist received a visitor via heli-pad. He said that some of his colleagues took perfect photos and then later on were asked to erase any photos from their phones and then they were relieved from their duties. This man stated that he was convinced it was Tupac that came to see the unknown artist.

Funny he came out right around that time too. If this guy Kasinova Tha Don isn’t the front man for Tupac and if you don’t believe he is….ugghhh, never mind it’s pointless. Kasinova tha Don says and swears he doesn’t want to be Tupac, could never be Pac but continually emulates his style and everything he does is Tupac, down to the vowels and sounds of his words, he even has tattoos like Tupac, one on each arm. One arm says cry later and the other arm says laugh now, WTF? He contradicts everything he says in his Youtube video interview in 2009…everything! I mean he may be one of the best front men thus far that I have seen for Tupac though, I will give him that. Yes there have been a few other ones that have about a 4-year limelight span. Blac Haze & Crazy to name a few. This is the part where I tell the people that keep doubting Tupac is alive by saying, “Tupac could never stay quiet this long.” He fucking hasn’t kept quiet at all ever, just unseen, duh. It’s not even for the money it seems, it’s pure enjoyment of putting his musical genius out there because his mind never shuts off, its literally impossible so he has to do it and get it out. I understand this creativity and I am sure a lot of you creative’s can relate to it as well. However Kasinova at just what, I think he’s now 26 years old maybe is rappin about things that just don’t add up most times. I mean certain things he says in his lyrics are all Tupac and Tupacs life. So unless I meet Kasinova tha Don myself and he opens his mouth up right in front of me without music or a mic and starts rapping and sounds just like Tupac, I will personally take this whole blog down and apologize to him but since that day will never happen it’s Tupac all day.

kas tupac tattoos

I don’t know about you but as an Outlaw, If I was loyal to Tupac and his family, there would be no way in hell I would ever support someone trying to be Tupac which leads me to the fact the a member of the outlaws supposedly discovered Kasinova…Bruh! At any rate now Kasinova is trying to transition over from Kasinova tha don to KPrince and I have yet to figure that out. Although maybe his real voice will shine through, but is it too late? It’s a tough one to predict so early. Don’t get me wrong either because although there is all this fuckery, there is something I like about this guy so I truly hope he does well regardless I mean something has to be said for a person willing to risk their reputation like that. What is it they’ve been saying, LOP “Loyalty Over Pride. I think so, not to mention Mama Afeni, do you realize how protective this woman is over her sons brand and likeness?? Anything that goes on with Tupac, 99% of it has to be approved by her or risk getting hit with an infringement lawsuit. Not even the 2012 Coachella Hologram was done without getting consent from her, do you think she approved Kasinova tha Dons 2Faced cover? Maybe yes and if so why. She runs the show trust me so think about that.

Can anyone tell me where Kasinova the Don gets money? He has some of the best quality, radio ready sounding music I’ve ever heard, and some of the best featured singers like Daniel de Bourg from London…. Huh? Its totally Tupac quality production and he has an app on apple itunes that was created by Manuel Lopez who also created the “Truth About Tupac” movement app and an app for motivational speaker Les Brown. So what gives? Don’t even get me started on the song called My’stery where “He” goes on to explain what happened to Tupac on 9/7/1996. If you were really who you say you are, why would you do that? Why would you want to shoot yourself in the foot like that knowing that hard-core Tupac fans would not buy anything you put out. Unless those same hardcore Tupac fans know its really Tupac himself. It’s all fuckery and they are doing a good job of it for some lol. Hey if they like it, I love it. Love the song Notice where they talk about the fact that he’s been doing his thing and staying down, all the signs were on the wall and we didn’t even notice. One of the parts in that song sounds like Kanye stole a sample as inspiration for his song “All Day Nigga” I’m just sayin. You can find the song My’stery on youtube and judge for yourself. What a cruel and heartless trick to play on true Tupac fans if this were in fact Kasinova tha Don rapping about the day Tupac faked his death. We have so many questions about this so Kasinova or KPrince answer these for us; 1.) It’s one thing to ‘Sound” like Tupac but what do you gain from raping about Tupac faking his death in the song My’stery?  2.) You said everything the media said was a lie in the song My’stery why would you make that up? 3.) Is it financial gain for others to keep people talking and wondering about Tupac so that his legacy lives on and makes money? 4.) If number 3 is true then who put you up to this? Because you would need permission from mama Afeni to play games like that which we can’t imagine she would co-sign. 5.) On the song ——- what do you mean “drowing in my own brand” what brand are you referring to? 6.) Are you going to remain an underground artist when people are begging for you to? 7.) How did you just happen to hook up with Tupacs cousin from the Outlawz and you’re saying they are cool with you sounding identical to Tupac? 8.) Where do you get the funding for all of your recordings, apps, cars, marketing etc? Unless of course…..


Some Video Resources:

Interview with Kasinova tha Don: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Co9xfUz2PF4